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Classes & Workshops


Jill Steenhuis, Visiting Artist Workshop.  2-Day Plein Air Master Class

April 19 & 20, 2017 - filling quickly!


Jill Steenhuis, Visiting Artist Workshop.   Fall 2017 - maybe.





PAINTING - Visiting Artists


Nancy Bass: Farm Animals & Under Painting Techniques, Fall 2014

 September 17 & 18; 9 - 1:30


Sarah Tremaine:Simple Framing for Artists, Spring 2015


Renee Balfour:  Plein Air Painting Class - Spring 2015


Sarah Tremaine - Drawing Group - Fall 2015


To get on a list for more information as it is available, please email Sarah Tremaine at 


Plein Air Painting Days

To Be Announced




No Classes Scheduled at this Time.


No Workshops Scheduled at this Time


Stay Tuned...

If you want to hear about classes, workshops or visiting artist workshops, please send me an email from my "Contact Sarah" link and ask to be added to my eblast list.


Classes I have offered in the past:

- Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced Knitting

- Beginning Water Felting

- Beginning Needle Felting

- Nuno Felting