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Artist's Biography

I grew up in the Hartford area of Connecticut, becoming an avid environmentalist and then a Biologist (BS, U Conn), Ecologist (MS U Conn) and Environmental Scientist (PhD, UVA).    After doing a post-Doc in Oslo, Norway, I came back to Charlottesville to work for an environmental consulting firm, leading a biotechnology group, remediating soils, groundwater and surface water of hazardous contaminants.  When my daughter was born, I took the shift in gears to open the door to a second phase of life, which involved working for the Charlottesville Waldorf Foundation to support the school.  Their emphasis on natural crafts and handworks set me on the path of an artistic awakening... informed by my love of nature and understanding of science.  


Modern art and Fiber art are part of my family legacy. My grandparents and parents collected and appreciated modern art and my life was enriched both by art in their homes and many visits to art museums. Tyler Coverlets, created by an ancestor, are both lovely and practical.  Examples of his work are part of the Smithsonian collection of American textiles, which arose in the 1800's after the invention of jacquard weaving looms.  


I started knitting in high school, but it really became a passion in my late 20's, while in graduate school.  I started knitting professionally, after my daughter and I started knitting together and selling our felted bags in 2006.  Now,  I knit, felt and Nuno felt and sell my work at The Barn Swallow and private sales.  In other years, I have also sold work at Sustain, Posh, Zestivities, in the Charlottesville area,  and The Beach Plum (FI, NY).  Now, in 2014, my techniques and work are expanding tremendously.


I have been painting with watercolors since my 20"s, with occasional instruction and much encouragement by watercolorist, Charles B Ferguson.  More recently, I have taken watercolor classes with Lee Alter, Charlottesville and in 2014, with Peg Sheridan of the Beverly Street Studio School, Staunton.  In 2013, I was completely inspired by the work of Jill Steenhuis, an American artist living in France, who has studied and painted in Aix-en-Provence for many years and is known as an authority on Cezanne and Van Gogh and their work in that part of France.  Her work is so alive and full of color, I committed to working with oils (and taking a workshop with Jill in France), to explore the vitality of impressionist style of painting and to revel in color, with the intention to bring this understanding back to my fiber arts.  I fell in love with oil painting and have been in classes, studio groups and workshops with Karen Blair (a McGuffey Art Center artist) and Nancy Bass (a Charlottesville artist who is currently teaching through the Beverly Street Studio School).