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Artist Statement - Fiber Art



How does everything hold together – atoms, cells, plants & animals, landscapes, ecosystems, planets?  As a scientist, and now as an artist, have continually explored how this happens, at many different levels. In my current work, I enter the experience by transforming separate things into something else through my physical effort  - the original materials are still there, but something new is also there, emerging.  I create wearable art.  All of this impacts me, as the artist and as the wearer – texture, surface design, work, process, connection, transformation, unification, surprise, delight, comfort, joy.


I work with natural fibers and plant materials in the form of merino wool, tencel, silk roving and other natural fibers & flowers, leaves, berries, and bark.  I use water to transfer and imbed these materials into natural fabrics (silk, silk-wool, linen, cotton, rayon) to create a new fabric that is more than the sum of its parts. Water is the key to all of this.  Texture, color, the drape and feel of the fabric, the fit of the garment, reflect the new.  Surface design is built in layers of abstract and discernable pattern – reflecting back on their material origins.  Wet felting and Eco Printing are ancient crafts, brought into the form of wearable art that echoes the journey of “how things hold together”.